Show Outline

Cristo "The Rock" is a radio Ministry program that brings together members of many ministries. It has been in the hearts and minds of these individuals to have a bilingual Christian radio program for a long time.

Cristo "The Rock" ministers to the Hispanic and English speaking audience. The mission of the show is to reach "the lost" and to also reinforce and build faith amongst believers. One of the goals of the show is to "encourage", "guide" and "worship" through the shows dialogue and its music.

Cristo "The Rock" programming includes a "topic of the evening", life experiences of the hosts, guests in the studio, interviews, testimonies, featured local and national Christian musicians and English and Spanish songs that God uses to minister to hearts and souls.

Studies have shown that Cristo "The Rock" listeners are of "all ages", "races" and walks of life who have expressed a fulfilling sense of "inspiration" and blessings through this vessel of Christ.

"Our Beliefs"

We believe in the doctorine of the "Father", "Son" and "Holy Spirit" (Trinity). We believe and honor the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe that "gift" shall be used to glorify God and to further his Kingdom. We believe in the holiness and the separation of "worldliness". We believe in Redemption through Jesus Christ.

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