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Cristo “The Rock” is comprised of a team of 12, 9 of which are Pastors. The following are some of Cristo "The Rock" online personailities:
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United States
Tina Elmergreen
e-mail: tina@mca-global.com
website: www.mca-global.com

A Milwaukee native, Tina Elmergreen has been an integral part of the local and national music industry for more than a decade. A successful arts/entertainment entrepreneur, Elmergreen has owned and operated her own retail and consulting businesses. She has worked with dozens of nationally-recognized Latin music groups and her firm in2it international represents several Latin American artists, sculptures, muralists, musicians and bands. Some of the more notable groups to date include: Juanes, Victor Manuelle, Rey Ruiz, Lifehouse, Steve Green, Jaci Velasquez and Salvador to name a few. She also serves as the Midwest Market Development representative for campaigns utilized by Clear Channel, Dream Works and EMI Records.

Tina also consults in the Latin music programming for "Summerfest", the world's largest music festival.

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United States
Pastor Linda Silverman - Team Leader
Empowering Life Church
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Evangelist Diana Acosta - Team Leader

Evangelist Diana Acosta believes that effectiveness is expensive. She has exemplified this with her life and ministry. God has given her a dynamic message, marked with a passionate and anointed exposition of the Word. She has been called to excavate in profound areas of our lives to bring deliverance and healing.

Diana served as Associate Pastor of El Camino Christian Church in the city of Los Angeles, California for 18 years where she had the opportunity to impart her gifts of teaching and mentoring. Aside from having a vital role in the local church and the international missionary vision of El Camino Ministries, Diana answered to her evangelistic call by crossing denominational boundaries preaching the Gospel in many areas of the United States and Latin America. Aside from her traveling ministry, Diana imparted her teaching experience at one of the most prestigious schools of evangelism in Los Angeles, Alberto Mottesi School of Evangelism, where many lives have been impacted and challenged to answer to their divine call.

Diana’s passion for imparting and training led her to coordinate two major annual events: “Jubileo Femenil” Women’s Convention and STORM –Christian Prom Night, that is preceded by an intense training and equipping program for youth called: Elite Team Training Center. Diana’s voice has been heard through Radio for many years, especially in Latin America. Her dynamic ministry has also aired on Television Networks throughout the United States and Latin America.

Diana recently relocated her ministry to Dallas, Texas, where she continues to answer her call in taking the Gospel to the nations. She is now laying the foundation for “Hidden Jewels” - an outreach ministry for individuals that have experienced loss and brokenness. More...

United States
Pastor Aaron Menchaca -
Age:34, Single, My father (and mother) pastored for over 40 years. I grew up as a "preacher's kid" with NO aspirations of being a pastor myself :) although I did all the usual PK duties in the church: Youth Pastor, Children's Pastor, Drummer, Singer, Van Driver. And then God called me to pastoring, and I'm loving it! I grew up avoiding the microphone, and public speaking at all costs. But when God calls, God equips - and He gets the glory! I am a fourth generation preacher; God just knows better than we do.

La Vina is bilingual, with a wonderful mix of people. Pastor Aaron is a senior pastor at La Vina. It really feels like a family, and God has been providing for us corporately and individually in so many ways. La Vina Fellowship Church 1202 W. Euless Blvd. Euless, TX 76040

Puerto Rico
Enid Reyes
Director of Community Ministries – Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall Founder/Director – Mision Latina
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United States
Pastor Mark Ingram - Team Leader - aka "Denzel"


Ricky Vargas - aka "Pretty Ricky"
He is an Evangelist. Following a life of drugs, violence, abuse, and a drug overdose that nearly cost his life, Rick Vargas was touched and changed by the power of God. He knew that he was called to follow Jesus and to share with others the freedom that comes when the glory of God is revealed in their lives. From 2002 through 2004, Ricky attended Teaching The Word Institute, an extension of Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Bible College and graduated as class valedictorian. Ricky speaks with a powerful prophetic anointing, ministering the Word of the Lord with depth and understanding. His heart's desire is to impart the Fire and Glory of God into the hearts and lives of others. He has a tremendous passion to see peoples' lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Guillermo Morales - aka "GQ Smooth"
DPT – Minister of Hands-On Orthopedics and owner of the Arlington Physical Therapy clinic located at: 2310 West I-20 Suite #204 Arlington, TX 76017

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